5 Buyer Persona Oriented Websites That Really Kill It

By Hannah Eisenberg - April 26, 2015

A website used to be like a brochure. You handed the same information to everyone and anyone; regardless of their interests, occupation or relation to your company. With your website, you used to tell your visitor, here is all we've got, choose your destination.

That does not work anymore.

Now your website has to capture your visitors interest immediately and guide them on their journey. But how on earth can you achieve that? By learning more about each of your visitor types and adjust your website to speak to them and address their problem head on.

Let's look at five brands and study their websites a little closer:


Basecamp website Homepage

Basecamp offers web-based project management tools for individuals as well as teams. The company has had great websites featuring catchy headlines and their trademark cartoons for a long time now.

Why This Website Rocks:

  • Basecamp Gets Me. The website shows right off the bat they understand my biggest problem: Chaos. I need to organize my to-dos, files, and deadlines, and it constantly feels I am juggling a million things.
  • Clear Value Proposition: Basecamp helps you wrangle with different roles, responsibilities, and objectives towards a common goal. Finishing a project together.
  • Prominent Call to Action: The blue "Use Basecamp for two months - it's on us" button stands out against the white background. Your eye immediately darts towards it.
  • Immediate Social Proof: Under the call to action, Basecamp place just one line in small font, which is extremely powerful: Just within the last week, more than 5000 businesses have signed up to use this popular and easy to use tool.


YouVisit Buyer Persona Oriented Website


YouVisit.com provides virtual tours and virtual reality for institutions like hospitals, universities, and nursing facilities, as well as to restaurants, for real estate and so on.

Since the requirements, the actual tour concepts and pricing is entirely different in each industry, it only makes sense to let their visitor choose their destination.

Buyer Personas Choose Their Destiny on YouVisit Website
Why This Website Rocks:

  • Clear & Precise. Above the fold, the website uses actual virtual tours as video backgrounds. It is overlaid with the bold statement "Virtually Everywhere" which tells the visitor what YouVisit.com is all about.
  • Buyer Persona Focus: YouVisit.com follows the "Choose Your Own Destination" principals where you let your visitors self-identify who they are. While a college marketing administrator might also check out other industries to see what's possible, she will appreciate greatly that she can just click on "Colleges & Universities".
  • Eat Your Own Dog Food. Virtual tours and virtual tours are all about movement and visual orientation. The company is clearly showcasing its abilities with amazing video backgrounds and tons of tours to explore.

charity : water


charity water is an organization, whose mission it is to provide clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world. Their website contains a wealth of resources for fundraisers, donors, and other key stakeholders.

Why This Website Rocks:

  • Immediate Inspiration. The charity uses a rotating video background slider to immediately inspire you how you can get involved. The headline "You can ... for clean water" swaps out the middle piece and with ideas how any average person can help to raise money - for example: start a book club, swim across the SF Bay and celebrate your birthday.
  • Bold Call To Action. The blue "Start a Campaign" Button in the middle does not change no matter what the background is. If you are not willing to do some work for it, you can simply donate by clicking the link under the button.
  • Explain How It's Done. Under the main slider, but still above the fold, visitors can see a headline "Starting a campaign is easy" which, if you scroll down, launches into a 3 step explanation what you can expect when you start a campaign.


Sidekick Website for Current Users

Ah, Sidekick. What can I say? These guys just rock. If you have not tried Sidekick; it is a little Chrome extension that lets you track if people opened your emails or clicked on a link you sent them. The image above shows you the website a current user (who is not using incognito browsing) sees. However, if you do not have the extension installed you will get this:

Sidekick specif website based on users

See the difference? The headline, subheader and the call to action are all different.

Why This Website Rocks:

  • Contextual Marketing. Sidekick addresses each visitor based on whether or not they already use their product. Not only does that make me feel more valued as a customer, it also is more likely to convert new users.
  • Prominent call to action. Do you see a common theme? All websites (and I did not select them because of that, I just realized this fact now) have bold, blue call to action buttons above the fold. Hm, ...
  • Clear Feature Descriptions. When you scroll down, you see clearly laid out explanations of what Sidekick does: email tracking, email profiling, and email scheduling.

BTW: If you want to try it for a month for free, consider yourself invited. I am a huge fan.


HubSpot Website

HubSpot is the #1 marketing automation and inbound marketing platform worldwide. We are a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency because we honestly believe they are the best tools to help our clients grow their business.

Why This Website Rocks:

  • Company Culture. If you realize it or not, the blurry primary image lets you get a glimpse of who HubSpot is as a company. Even though the software provider wants public last October, it still operates much like a start-up with a strong, collaborative corporate culture.
  • Buyer Persona Specific Blogs. Hubspot lives and breathes inbound marketing through and through. So it would only make sense that is has dedicated blogs for marketers, sales professionals, web designers, customers and agency owners.
  • Proof of success. If you have success, why not show it off? 13,500 customers in 90 countries send a persuasive message.

And, I am not even going to mention that the call to action button is blue...

What makes an awesome website in your eyes?

I would love to hear your feedback and if you have seen an impressive website recently, please share them in the comments below.

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