3 Great Free Image Sources For Your Next Blog Post

By Jeremy Eisenberg - May 14, 2014

Visual Content is important - now more than ever. With the attention span of the internet surfing adult shorter than the attention span of the goldfish, you have to find creative ways how to get your reader's attention.

Visual content is the answer. Images are processed 60,000 times faster by our brain then text, so great images in blog posts will not only get you more attention, it will also hold it longer.

But where do you get those images from?

When I started blogging for fun, I asked my long-time experienced blogger friend for help: Where do you get those cute images from for your blog posts? I quickly learned that using stock images can quickly add up big time.

So here are 3 great ways to find you images:

Google Images

Google Images is a great tool if to find coloring pages for your kids, but it is also useful to find images for blog posts. But stop! Before you head out and take any image out there - you have to be aware of the usage rights! To search for images that are available to reuse for commercial use, you just have to filter them by usage right.

Google Images Panda

Whether doing a regular web search, or for news or images, there is a search tools button you can click on. It will bring up several options, including "Usage Rights" when in Image Search. Under "Usage Rights" are several choices like labeled for reuse with or without modification or for noncommercial use.

Choose an option that is right for you and voila Google will filter the images for you by usage right. It will limit your choices but for many topics you will find great pictures.

You should still use a bit of caution because some of the pictures that are left (like company logos) are not coming from the company site. And as like any image search, the farther you scroll down the farther off topic the images seem to get.

Google also gives you some great options to filter out by size, color, transparency, even type, like clip art. This is a great option if you have a cartoon theme, it makes it much easier to sort through all the pictures.


3 Great Free Image Sources For Your NextOh Canva, how I love thee. I recently got an email from Canva telling me I completed 100 designs. If you have not tried it, Canva.com is one of the greatest tools to create graphics that have come out in a while. Here's why:

  • It is simple to use
  • Free to setup an account
  • Has tons of free images/designs you can use
  • You can upload your own images and turn them into posters/flyers/ads whatever
  • Has almost 20 size optimized templates, i.e. blog graphic, Twitter post, business card
  • You can create your own size and customize everything
  • And if the free choices don't work for you, there premium items are only $1 each, so getting that right image doesn't cost much

I created the featured blog image for this blog post using Canva. You can even make an entire presentation instead of using PowerPoint... the possibilities are endless.


HubSpot strives to provide marketers with tools they need in order to do their job. Stock images is definitely part of any marketer's job. So, just head over and download 75 high-quality images that you can use without attribution, without licensing troubles, and without having to purchase each time.

What do you use to get images for your blog posts?

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