What Comes First: New Website Or Content?

By Jeremy Eisenberg - March 03, 2015

I have to admit, the whole who-was-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg situation is intriguing to me.

How can there be a chicken without an egg and an egg without a chicken? As an intelligent adult, I know the problem is purely philosophical, but still...

Moving on.

A lot of marketers ask themselves the chicken-or-the-egg question when it comes to their website and the content.

However, more times than not, the marketers I speak with believe a pretty new website redesign will solve their conversion issues:

  • "All other marketing plans are on hold until our new website goes live."
  • "We need to focus on our website first before we can create some content. Or should we create content first?"
  • "The big beautiful pictures on our super pretty website is what is going to sell our product/service, not the content, right?"

Will A New Website With Old Content Perform Better?

As an inbound marketing agency that started out building websites and doing search engine optimization, we know the expectations on your new website are high. I mean, you just spend thousands of dollars on it - you should see a significant bump in traffic, leads and sales from it, right?

Well, in some cases, simply a redesign can cause a surge of new people coming to your website. For example, if your old website was based on outdated technology, was not indexable or a historically grown mess.

Google might actually give you a chance and rank you higher for a short time to see how useful your content is to searchers.

But how helpful is your outdated content pages?

A Better Website Structure Can Boost Your SEO & Traffic

Last year, we redesigned Salit Auto Sales. Their previous website was based already on WordPress, but had an outdated design and it was clunky and messy. We streamlined the entire website to feature the Salit family's unique approach to selling used cars: No pressure and 100% honesty. Well-known in their local community for their excellent service, the business also received orders from all over the country.

With their new website, the company has seen more than 20% increase in traffic overnight.

The design of my website and how it was optimized for SEO is beyond anything I could have expected. My business has definitely increased because of what they did. I am not the best at writing, especially when it comes to blogs. With their support and push I finally published a few and the feedback was amazing. I don't normally recommend too many people but I was referred to them by someone I know and I strongly advise you to give them a shot so they can show you what they can do. -- Jerry Salit

Salit Auto Sales Website After Redesign

But Jerry is not the one who sits While Jerry does not blog about general industry related topics, he creates a blog post about every single car he gets in - including video!

Now that is useful and fresh content right there.

Bottomline: A Website Redesign Without A Content Strategy Can Bring You A Boost In Website Traffic Short-Term, But You Need Fresh Content To Sustain It

If you are planning to update the look of your website, but not the content or make it more inbound marketing friendly, you are basically just slapping makeup over the old site.

You are not adding anything new, not blogging - just keeping a static website. Your traffic will stay flat long-term.

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