Why the new Chrome Extension for Pinterest is Great News For You

By Hannah Eisenberg - February 20, 2014

What is a Pinterest Pin worth to you?

If you market to mainly women, crafty people or in a visually-oriented field - A LOT! (Read up about how to get the most out of Pinterest)

Search Engine Watch published an interesting report by Piqora: A Pinterest Pin is worth 2 visits, 6-page views and on average amounts to $0.78 in sales. The life of a Pinterest pin is much longer than, let's say a Facebook post. "Half of site visits take place 3.5 months after the first pinning, while half of orders take place 2.5 months after the pinning," TechCrunch reported.

Pinterest announced on February 19th, 2014: "The Pin It button for Chrome is getting an upgrade today!

So is it great news that Pinterest is enabling Chrome Users to pin images when browsing the web without having to install a Pinterest button. This will make it easier and faster than ever for your customers to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products, and more. For those of you who prefer not to us the roll-over icon, the updated button for Chrome allows a right-click to pin feature.

You can disable this functionality by right-clicking on your Pinterest Button in your Chrome menu bar and hit the disable.

Right now the new Pin It button is exclusively for Chrome users, Pinterest announced it will be available on other browsers soon too.

I love Pinterest and I am thrilled about this piece of news. Happy Pinning.


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