Inbound Marketing Trends: September 2014

By Hannah Eisenberg - September 30, 2014

Inbound Marketing Trends 2014 SeptSeptember was a really busy month for us here at Organic SEO Press!

First back-to-school and a few days later we are already packing for Inbound 2014. After spending 4 days in Boston with more than 10,000 of the brightest marketers, we spent a few days digesting the big announcements (e.g., HubSpot's free CRM), sorting out and catching up before diving into the new Raven Tools Reporting engine.

If you have not had a chance to read this month's blog posts, here is what you have missed:

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes

If you have been using tools such as Rafflecopter to up your Facebook Likes, this post is for you! Facebook is rolling out significant changes to its algorithm and will not allow any capabilities for offering anything in return for likes (the only exception is Facebook advertisement of course!).

15 Things To Consider Before Naming Your Startup

Naming a startup is no easy feat! It needs to be short, yet convey what you do; memorable, yet unique; timeless, yet modern. Here are 15 tips to consider to name your startup so you later don't regret your choice.

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Squeeze More Traffic from Your Blog Post

Writing blog posts takes time. And with more than 27 million pieces of content shared every day (AOL, Nielsen 2011), it is hard to cut through the noise. Just sharing it once does not cut it anymore. This blog posts gives you easy ways how to get more out of every blog post.

5 Key Takeaways You Need To Know From The State of Inbound Marketing 2014 Report

Just in time for Inbound 2014, HubSpot released its annual survey taking a closer look at the adoption, usage and return of investment of Inbound Marketing. Here are our 5 big takeaways:

  • Inbound Marketing efforts are measurable, hence they show a clear return of investment.
  • Getting found online is the number one priority across the board. One way to do this is blogging which increases your chances for a positive ROI by 13x.
  • Data helps us to align leadership with execution as well sales with marketing.
  • The adoption of Inbound Marketing is up across the board, but marketing agencies lead the pack.
  • Inbound is expanding into other lines of businesses and departments beyond just marketing.

Inspired By Inbound 2014 Keynotes – Key Takeaways

Inbound14 was an amazing event, but sometimes felt more a book signing tour on steroids. Every keynote speaker, including Darmesh Shah and Brian Halligan (but they had more important things to sell then their new book), was an author who recently released a new book and pitched it on stage to the point where you wanted to keep score every time they mentioned the book. But there also were great takeaways...

HubSpot Announces Game Changing CRM at Inbound 2014

If you only have time to read one post, you should read this one! The way people shop has changed, so does the way we sell. Marketing will be more contextual and personal and salespeople will spend more time researching prospects and entering data into customer relationship management systems. This game-changing CRM will do a lot of the research for you - and it's free for most users.

Raven Tools New Reporting & Dashboard Engine

Raven Tools allowed us to get an early preview of their brand new reporting engine and dashboards. Here is what we thought.

What You Need To Know About Call Tracking

This month, we had a guest post from Darren Carter - our go to expert for pay per click advertisement and paid search. He shares his expertise on call tracking with us.

And that's it for September. We are looking forward to October and we have some exciting things planned. So stay tuned.


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