Using Houzz for Marketing: 2014 House and Home Survey

By Hannah Eisenberg - June 20, 2014

Houzz EventIf you are an interior designer, architect or custom furniture designer, Houzz is your social media platform of choice.
Yesterday the Open Houzz NYC event took place in the beautiful Knoll Showroom in New York City. It was very well attended by architects, interior designers, custom cabinet makers and furniture designers.

Michael Stein from the Houzz Community Team presented NYC Metro specific data from the third annual Houzz & Home survey with more than 135,000 respondents in the U.S. among the 190,000 respondents globally.
photo 183% of Houzz users in the Greater NYC Metro area are homeowners. 74% are planning to redecorate in the near future and 41% are thinking about a remodel. Not surprisingly, the number of people who are in the market for a custom-built house is lower than national average with 7%.

But Houzz is not just another Pinterest to pin pretty home pictures, even though Houzz is the largest database of home-related pictures with 3.5 million high-definition picture.

There are more than 400,000 professionals. 27% of the 23 million Houzz users are looking for an architect and one out of 5 is looking for an interior designer.

The single most important marketing to do for any professional on Houzz is to get reviews: 88% of homeowners say reviews are the single most important factor when selecting a professional!

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