Groupon's Hilarious Reactions To Banana Bunker Sex Jokes

By Hannah Eisenberg - March 30, 2015

Groupon Banana Bunker Facebook PostOne thing is for sure: Groupon, a website and mobile app that features heavily discounted deals on local attractions such as massages, horseback riding lessons, and concert tickets, as well as products of national companies, is no newbie to social selling.

But what happened a few days ago, was not only very entertaining (okay it was downright hilarious) but social media done right.

It all started innocently enough by posting a product to their Facebook profile with the ominous text "We're contractually obligated to let you know every time the Banana Bunker is featured on our site" accompanied with a picture showing bagged lunch and bananas in a suspicious looking container called the "Banana Bunker".

The post was supposed to sell 570 3-packs of these interesting looking reusable (ahem...) snack containers. (BTW: They were sold out within hours.)

So far this Facebook post has generated more than 12,077 comments, 18,048 shares and 18,477 likes.

Groupon replied to every snarky Facebook comment as innocently as humanly possible

What followed was hysterical.

Of course, the image generated tons of sex jokes. And Groupon responded. To every single comment. In a light, funny and very innocent way.

Groupon replies to every comment on Facebook


Social Media Selling Is About Being Authentic

All humans are inherently social "animals" and almost everyone likes a good joke.

As a social media marketer, you are always walking a fine line between funny and distasteful. Groupon's fresh, almost childish, naive responses are so funny because they respond to obvious jokes and everyone that reads them has a strong image in their mind already.

But, I think, the secret here was to use an authentic, almost cheeky voice and to engage with the user's comments.

What was your reaction?

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