Create Awesome Facebook Covers In Minutes

By Hannah Eisenberg - August 20, 2014

Yesterday I met with my friend Ami, who single handily runs a non-profit with great success. We talked about how to improve her social media presence and drive more traffic to her website.

She asked me who I use to make all my images for my website.

Facebook Covers In Minutes With CanvaI told her, while I have an awesome graphic designer who does more involved designs like logos and eBook templates, I use Canva for featured blog images and social media graphics.

I showed her how to create a Facebook cover within minutes - all without the use of a complicated graphical design software.

Read this short blog post and then click on the button below to create your very own Facebook Cover!

Let's do it.

How To Create Your Cover For Your Facebook Business Page Using The Brand New Canva Button

The optimized size for a Facebook cover is 851px x 315px - but don't worry - Canva takes care of that automatically.

Go to or click on the button below to get started.

Facebook Cover In Minutes

1) Add an image

Since our brains process images much faster than text, choose one that represents your business as the backdrop for your cover image.

You can do so by using a background, an uploaded image or you can browse the Canva stock images. If you are using your own image make sure it is a high quality photo with a big enough resolution.

2) Add a Shape to make your company name more readable

If the image is a little busy or does not have enough contrast, overlay it with a shape to create a space for text. Canva allows you to adjust the color and transparency to create just the effect that you want.

3) Add your company name (if you do not use a logo)

Click on text and then Add Text. Click in the text field and add your company name. Double check it is spelled correctly. The play around the the font, color, size and transparency.

4) Save and download

Now you can click on the turquoise button on the top right "Download or Link" to save your creation. Remember the location where the picture was saved.

5) Upload your Facebook cover

Go to Facebook, navigate to your Facebook Business Page and click on change cover picture. Choose Upload photo. Hit save and make sure to post about it on your wall. Ask your fans how they like it.

Your Turn - Click on the Canva button to get started. Then link your Facebook page in the comments!

We would love to see your creativity and Facebook pages. So please feel free to share.

Design a Facebook cover


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