Organic SEO Press becomes HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

By Hannah Eisenberg - May 12, 2014

HubSpot Certified Partner AgencyOrganic SEO Press has completed the last step in becoming a true HubSpot Partner only 55 days after coming on board with the #1 marketing automation software on the market.

If you have been following our progress in the past 3 months, you heard us rave about Hubspot before. (You can read more about our first 50 days on Hubspot here.)

Hubspot is helping over 10500 customers worldwide to get their businesses found in search engines and social media as more and more people rely on the internet as the first source of information. HubSpot customers also generate more inbound leads which convert at a higher rate into paying customers.

VentureBeat Study: HubSpot is Best Overall Marketing Automation Software

But if you are thinking, I am just drinking the HubSpot Cool Aid, have a look at VentureBeat's study which compares the leading marketing automation software options: SAS,, Eloqua, InfusionSoft, Marketo, act-on, IBM, SilverPop, loopfuse and of course Hubspot.
Marketing Automation Software StudyOverall, "there’s tremendous growth, tremendous opportunity, and tremendous upheaval in this market” said the report author Wendy Schuchart.
The marketing automation industry will reach $1.2 billion by the end of 2014.
Only 3% of non-technology companies have adopted marketing automation so far which results in a huge demand for consulting services to help those companies.
What is surprising is that more than half of the more than 1000 interviewed businesses are using more than 1 marketing automation software, 44% are using 3 or more tools for marketing automation.

That indicates lack of functionality and / or ease of use and the need to replace the current solution with one that promises to be better than the last. Often times this happens through acquisition or as different departments will procure different software systems which leads to siloed information and a disruption in ROI reporting.

HubSpot was rated the best overall, Marketo is the most user-friendly and SAS . Hubspot is leading in the category website content optimization and comes in second after SAS for web content targeting.

Bringing Inbound Marketing to New Jersey and the Greater NYC Area

As the VentureBeat study shows, choosing the right tool to invest in is a crucial decision.

We at Organic SEO Press decided to use Hubspot internally and become a value added reseller to deliver greater value to our clients.

HubSpot allows us to be more efficient and effective to attract more searchers, nurture leads to become happy customers than separate tools or marketing methods.

Now we can focus on producing great SEO-friendly content, measure its effect on the client's bottom line and report which content was to most successful in attracting strangers and converting leads.

It allows us to listen actively for keywords in all the Twitter noise and reach out to influencers on social media to broaden the reach of our content even further.

And so much more... but why don't you find out what HubSpot can do for your business?
Find Out How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Business Get More Leads and Customers


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